Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SIFE Outing on 15 February 2011

WooHhhooo... and here we rock Batu Pahat Mall...

We had an outing with the committee, ex-committee as well as the members at Batu Pahat Mall today at 12pm. Not many turned up, but we do had much fun and day~... Let's check out what we did. =D

Before going into more details...
have a look at this...

WHAT are we waiting... WHY are we waiting... =.=

This was what we did when we were waiting for the rest. Manage to create all these, meaning that we have been waiting for quite sometime. Soon after that, all are here. And they are...

John, Rinesh, PohHong, JenWei, YeeLin, ChungPark, WeiLin, KarChin, SeuFern and KarHoe

Siti Haizatul and Sharjierairan (did not take a picture with them) sorry!

and we had our outing at

Yesss... MK Restaurant

The food served seriously NOT BBAAADDDD~ =D
some food served there to be shared with you..

*Is it illegal to take photos from a menu? * =P

YUMMYYliciouussss food

Rinesh's meal.. haha

These are SOME of the food we ordered. Busy eating forget to take photos of the others.

The environment not bad too actually.
It's late, but it's not TOO late to wish everyone;


Next, basically, we don't have much places to hang out actually because today is a special day in Johor. Therefor, we head for THIS 


This shop do serve doughnuts. And they are superly CUTE and TEMPTING..


After spending some time window shopping and walking around the mall, we took a group photo.

SAD.. someone being blocked..

this solve it..


So, that's our simple yet fun SIFErs outing.

To all members and those who couldn't make it today, we hope to see you during the next outing or gathering.  The more, the merrier. Hope to see you guys soon.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project OAT at Phase 1

OAT. What's in your mind? It's Orang Asli Tangkak Project, not to be consumed for breakfast~.. Project OAT started last year and Phase 1 which is the University Trip will be held on 13 and 14th March 2011. For those who are interested to help out, you are encouraged, let us know via OAT Group or SIFE Group in Facebook.

We had visit Kampung Orang Asli Tangkak twice and we gained alot of knowledge, experience and memories

Upon arriving... We brought some gifts and souvenirs for the children and the villagers.

KKDK members with their 'I LOVE KKDK' shirt. Nice.. =)

The villagers are warm and gave us a warm welcoming greeting and hospitality. Other than having much fun with the kidsss...
They are just so adorable... Miss them so much~ =)

WOWW..lesson learnt; Never under estimate children nowadays.

The kid- "Abang, jalanlah cepat sikit.." 
Freddie- "Nanti jatuhlah...."

we do had interview session with the villagers regarding Economy, Health, Education and water. Besides, we get other information as well, for example, the village just get electricity supply last September 2010. Previously, the electric is generate by generator. Due to the insufficient electricity supply, they light off at 9pm everyday.

TNB- The villagers can lights off even after 12am.. =)

The generator. Aged more than 10 years old..


The main occupation in the village is;

Yea... Rubber tapping. The villagers will go to the estate twice a day except
during rainy days.

Dried rubber that have been collected. After fully dried up, they will sell it to the buyer at town. Some people said that dried rubber stinks. 
FYI: #Rubber nowadays are in good rate.# =)


There are kebangsaan primary and secondary school in the village. Some of the children in the village attend chinese primary school located not far from the village. In general, they face problem in English command as their mother tongue is Malay. They struggled coping in their studies especially science subjects. Thus, we are trying to help them in this in the second phase. 

During the last visit, we had a short ice-breaking session and simple activities with the kids in the village. From their answers and work, we get feedbacks and ideas regarding their needs. 

jenWei, ChungPark and Rinesh were conducting the ice-breaking and get-to-know session with the kids.

One of the sister guide and help the kids in completing the task given.

Presenting their hard work.

In our First Phase, we are bringing the children to UTHM for a one day trip. This is with the aim of creating interest in pursuing their studies to tertiary education, let them explore university lifestyle and environment subsequently, promoting UTHM. haha..


The source of water in the village is from the hill behind the village. They have no proper water filtration  (in the picture below) but they face NO health problems due to the water. =)

This is the water tank in the village. With a simple roofing and not fully covered. 


Generally, the villagers work as a rubber tapper with an uncertain monthly income. Some of them are living in poverty. *commenting through their living condition*....

One of the house in the village. It is supplied with electricity and water, but the house is not in a good condition. They may face difficulties during bad downpour. =/

The government do help the villagers by supplying brick houses for them. However, only certain villagers get to own the house. 

Upon heading Back to University....

Santa Clause!! HOHOHO~
WeiLin is surrounded by the kids for sweets. 

KKDK members with the villagers.

SIFErs with the villagers.