Thursday, November 18, 2010

SIFE Booth @ Convo Festival

You Stand Out

If every single graduate
Were as special as you are,
The world would be a better place
And everyone a star.

In the real world, though,
You sure stand out
For your extraordinary traits,
Those uncommon things about you
Everyone appreciates.

So congratulations, graduate!
We wish you all the best.
We know as you meet life’s challenges,
You’ll ace each and every test!

By Joanna Fuchs

Congratulations to our SIFE UTHM Alumni-Fuad & Yi Eei.
May your new path take you where you want to go and also bring you pleasant surprises!

Big thanks to fellow SIFErs who sweat profusely under the hot sun, helping out SIFE UTHM, regardless your faces are in the photos, still...THANK YOU!

Apart from flower bouquets like what we had for the previous year, we are having these specialty items on sale at our booth too...Check it out!

Handicrafts from Pantai Sungai Lurus (PSLP)

Keychains by special education students of SMK Tun Ismail (E Cube - GIA)

~8th to 12th October 2010~