Saturday, August 28, 2010

SIFE UTHM 1 Day Camp 2010

"It was fun & I enjoyed making a bunch of new friends.", "Now, I knew what is SIFE...", "I wanna join the community projects!"...These were just some of the feedbacks we got from the participants of SIFE UTHM 1 Day Camp held on 14th August 2010.

Organised by the senior SIFErs, we welcomed all SIFE newbies and whoever interested to know more about SIFE to participate in this 1 Day Camp. We conducted a brief session to introduce the 7 criteria of SIFE-market economics, entrepreneurship, business ethics, financial literacy, success skills, environmental sustainability and program sustainability. These are the keys to determine how effectively did each SIFE team measure and demonstrate that it created economic opportunity.

Up next, we carried out a series of game which conveyed different messages to help them better understand the criteria. By the end of the day, all of us mixed around well, bonds were strengthen, and the most important thing is that we had fun, a lot! Still, the program managers of several new projects managed to promote and induce some manpower for their respective projects. A big thanks to our all-time supportive fellow SIFErs!

Just in case you miss out the whole thing or probably just a bit of any part, we have photos below to recall your memory...

Registration Counter

Introduction of SIFErs

Big Wind Blow...Totally insane!

Attack & Defend

Whoops...This is hard!


Plasticine modelling

~Show time by SIFE Awards Nominees~

Prize-giving Ceremony

I ♥ U ~ U ♥ Me ~ We R Happy Family

The End

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Karnival Aktiviti Pelajar 2010

SIFE UTHM had set up a booth during the Karnival Aktiviti Pelajar 2010 (KAP 2010) from 6th to 9th of August 2010 to recruit new members for session 2010/2011. We have received a total of 93 signup forms, which was a great news...At the same time, presentations on "PSLP" by Bobby the program manager, "SMNE 2010" by Rinesh the presenter and "What is SIFE?" by Freddie the production manager, had won them the 1st runner-up in the presentation competiton of KAP 2010. Kudos people!

Snapshot of SIFE UTHM booth

Awards from the recent SMNE 2010 and  National Competition of previous years