Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

PSLP Exploration

Where have all the SIFErs gone? Gone to Pantai Sungai Lurus every one...Pantai Sungai Lurus Project (PSLP) were proposed by SIFErs Bobby and his fellow team mates during the SIFE UTHM Conference 2010. So, this morning, 12 SIFErs in 2 cars, there we arrived at Pantai Sungai Lurus after 30 minutes drive from Parit Raja.

"Welcome To The  Beach"

We are the only crowd here...

Rocks Rock!

Not many of us had been there before this. Wondering why are we approaching this village? Our mission is to explore the scarcity of resources and discover the needs of the villagers. Our vision is to create business opportunities and transform the community lifestyles. Not much words here as the photos will tell you the stories...

Interviewing Kak Sapura, the stall owner for her "Secret Recipe"

PSL Specialty 1: Kerang Goreng

PSL Specialty 2: Rojak Bom

Behind us is Sungai Lurus, I think...

Meet with the locals

Chit-chat session with En. Syawwal
(P/S: Thank you for treating us with kerepek & beverages...Love it!)

Enjoying the breeze on the bridge

SIFE UTHM @ Pantai Sungai Lurus

Following the first visit, Bobby and his team will conduct more visits in the near future. SIFE UTHM here would like to give full support to them and wish them best of luck in bringing change to Pantai Sungai Lurus.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SIFE Malaysia National Exposition 2010

Hiya, SIFE UTHM just came back from the SIFE Malaysia National Exposition 2010 at PWTC,Kuala Lumpur.Wondering what's happening there that made us so excited? We are eager to share with you guys our marvellous experiences here. Read on...

Day 1
We reached there too early as the registration was supposed to start only at 3pm. After settled down the luggages, we took LRT to Times Square and had our lunch there.

On the way to Times Square, posed in front of Pudu Jail...

Approaching the food court

Self-service on ordering food and taking photos

Back to Seri Pacific Hotel, crowd of SIFErs from different universities gathered all over the lobby. We finally made our way to the registration counter to submit the mandatory documents and claimed our room keys with loads of goodies bags.

No worries on insufficient rooms...

And the rooms are so NICE!!!

Later on, we attended the soft opening and league pairing session. We were the first to get into Shell League along with SIFE UUM, SIFE UM and SIFE KLMU. That made us the first team to enter the presentation room on the next day.

Sardines in the elevator

Soft opening and league pairing session

John: Let's see what we've got...hehe


Way back to hotel rooms...

It's getting...


and MORE!!!

Approaching night, there was a SIFE Malaysia Celebration Dinner in conjunction with the launching of SIFE Malaysia Alumni Network. We appreciated the sponsor, Khazanah Nasional for making this possible. The food were scrumptious and we met awesome people there as well. Great to see that everyone enjoyed the night!

After the dinner, fellow presenters rehearsed on their presentation hysterically though they were supposed to sleep early. Everyone also stayed up till late night just to ensure that we were well prepared for the BIG day.

Day 2
Early in the morning, we took a quick breakfast and rushed over to PWTC to wait for the call. Showered with good luck wishes from other SIFE teams, we were so ready to begin our part. Yeah, the presentation ended soon and we were bombarded with questions during the Q&A session. This part was tough as we had to backup each other with immediate responses.

Before entering the presentation room...

Everyone's queuing up

(From left)Our presenter team: Rinesh, Yee Lin, Rabiah and Chung Park

Q&A session

After the presentation...

Networking lunch-Food is always the priority

Announcement of Semi Final Teams was made after the lunch and we were unable to proceed further this year. Next year? Definitely! Then we had our team photography with our dear faculty advisors.

Our faculty advisors, Dr. Berhan(left) and Dr. Talib(right)

Late evening, we were off to have fun around the city...

Everyone was so excited!

Dinner at Suria KLCC...

Subway gang

Sushi King gang

Taking photos everywhere...


Monorail station

Day 3
Announcement of the final four was made prior to the final round competition. They were SIFE UiTM, SIFE UMS, SIFE UMT and SIFE UTP. After lunch was the Awards & Closing Ceremony. This year champion goes to SIFE UiTM, while we, SIFE UTHM got the Spirit Award, which was truly a good encouragement .

Headed back to UTHM, still as energetic...
We go as a team, We back as a team...

We Are We Are
SIFErs From~ SIFEs From~
U to the~ T to the~ H to the~ M

Thursday, July 8, 2010

SIFE UTHM Conference 2010

SIFE UTHM Conference 2010. Aimed to let participants know more about our club, committee members came up with 2 fun-filled days. Spanned over two consecutive days (4.7.2010 & 5.7.2010), participants were briefed on the basic understanding of Student In Free Enterprise and business world in general. Scroll down, to catch a snippet of the happenings...

Day 1
Rise and shine! The day started early...8 AM!!!  Luckily, there were food provided to boost our system.

Hmmm...only guys eating? Where were all the girls?

Ahhh...girls were sitting and enjoying their food.

The vice president of SIFE UTHM, Kjune began with the first slot, explaining to participants how to manage life well.

Now, the turn of the president, John.

Fuh!!! Explaining with action. Vincent, on how to manage finance and start earning young.

GAME TIME!!! Human chess with limited pieces. What a challenging game~

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. So...KaYaKiNg!!!


Only God knows why Vincent kept on falling into the lake.

Group photo~End of Day 1

Day 2
Taking place in the multimedia lab, Day 2 was also another fun-filled day with lots of inputs. Well, no point explaining. Let the pictures do the talking.

Wei Lin was the first to deliver her slot on how to manage an organisation.

Everyone was paying attention on what was being delivered in front.

Participants were asked to come up with their own projects in the competition simulation slot. (Red Team)

Need I say anymore? (Yellow Team)

Red team presenting

Yellow team presenting

Time to play V-ball

Everyone was going after the ball.

Group photo~End of Day 2

Although the time period of the conference was short, all the participants were having a whale of time. We interacted with each other well and got to know one another better. SIFE UTHM Conference 2010 was surely a memorable event and...hope to see you guys again next year! *Cheers*